Exploring open horizons

There is no line on the horizon.
Only an open invitation to explore both worlds,
discover the depths of heaven and earth. 

If a horizon is what separates heaven from earth, then I believe that it is fading.
Heaven invades earth, like light invades darkness. It comes as the most powerful force in the universe, yet with a gentleness that carries an affectionate pursuit. Love always wins. I want to be the fierce voice of Love, whether it’s roaring hearts to life or whispering the secrets of the King to willing ears.

If a horizon is a final destiny that never can be fully grasped, then I will be moved by the beauty of the unknown.
There’s a world out there full of cultures, stories and Papa’s precious children. It’s filled with colors, differences, similarities and unexpected situations. This world has dark corners that I refuse to see without a silver lining of hope. I want to capture the unknown and the known from an unknown angle. 

On this blog I will share my discoveries of both worlds; heaven and earth.
With my pen, my camera and any other weapon that crosses my path, I will explore the open horizons with you.

Come along on my journey. Take my hand, I’ll introduce myself.
I’m a lover of Jesus, daughter, sister, friend, writer, explorer, believer, artist, photographer, dreamer and student.
I am Eline and I believe in open horizons.

Profile Picture(Photo by Bemind Fotografie) 

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