No fear in love

Love is not just a choice. Love is not only a verb. Love is an identity. God is Love Himself and as a believer, you are made into His image. When you abide in God, you abide in Love and Love abides in you. Love became your identity when you bled into one with Jesus on the cross. When you dare to get lost in the gaze, the eyes of Love will be reflected in your perspective on the people around you. Love is far too contagious to leave even one area of your life unchanged.

And in light of this Love, concepts like boundaries and protection look completely different. Boundaries are not walls you build as a protection for your heart. Those walls will trap you in fear and steal your freedom. Boundaries are meant to protect relationships with people and prioritize your relationship with God above all else. Boundaries actually allow you to give people intimate access to your heart, instead of keeping them out.  Boundaries shouldn’t be explained as self-protection or used as an excuse for fear. It is the ability to say  ‘no’, because your ‘yes’ is so strong. Your yes is worth nothing when you can’t say no. Jesus lived in one YES – to do what He saw the Father do – and therefor He was able to say no to all other things. ‘Having boundaries’ is saying yes to God and to the people and tasks He has placed on your heart and saying no to all other things. Corrie ten Boom said that the safest place to be is in the center of Gods will. When you live in the center of the right Yes, you can trust God that He will protect your heart together with you.

Perfect Love casts out all fear. If it’s true that God rearranges your scars to display His glory, you can read this verse in the lines of my past: “perfect Love casts out all fear”. Because of my story, I have zero tolerance for fear, but that doesn’t mean I’m fighting against fear. I don’t have to protect myself, build boundaries, create a plan to deal with fear or constantly try to sooth someone else’s fear. Fear simply disappears in the light of love. Fear-based reactions like fighting, fleeing or freezing are completely irrelevant and even illegal when you are in Love. Jesus was so aware of who He was in Love that He never responded out of fear. He was beaten, ridiculed, tortured and murdered, but He never fought back or tried to flee. Fear was completely dissolved in His complete surrender to Perfect Love. That love in His eyes pierced through the hearts of those who pierced His hands. This is my King. This is my Lover. This is the One who teaches me how to love. And in light of His courageous love and furious affection, I cannot afford to be occupied by fear.

Be bold in love. It’s what you were made for.



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  1. Lieve Eline,
    Wat heb je deze Waarheid weer scherp, bondig en prachtig beschreven! Zo mogen we leven ieder moment van de dag. Het enige wat daarvoor nodig is, is voortdurend te blijven in Hem. Als we steeds eerst het Koninkrijk van God zoeken, d.w.z. zijn aangezicht, is dit mogelijk. Alleen door/in Hem. Daarvoor moeten we Hem echt kennen, met heel ons hart. Diep overtuigd zijn van Zijn liefde. Niet alleen met ons hoofd, maar vooral met ons hart. Steeds afgestemd op Hem. “Van uwentwege zegt mijn hart, zoek Mijn aangezicht” staat er in Ps 27. Dat hoor ik vrijwel dagelijks. Dat wil ik en alleen daardoor kunnen we leven, zoals jij hebt beschreven. Hij heeft het gedaan. Zijn liefde is in ons hart uitgestort door de Heilige Geest [Rom 5:5] Hij heeft het ons gegeven en daarom mogen en kunnen we zo leven.
    Geweldig dat Vader je deze dingen al zo waarheid laat zijn in je leven! Ik geniet van wie je bent. Heerlujk dat je zo hierin ontspannen mag leven. De rust van Hem.
    Papa xxxx


  2. lieve eline jammer dat we elkaar gemist hebben met skype. ik heb je nog terug gebeld, maar kreeg geen gehoor. nou ja, volgende keer beter.

    no fear in love

    er zijn enkele zinnen, die ik wil onthouden en zelfs op ons krijtbord wil schrijven

    If you never say “No”, your “Yes” has no value. beter gezegd: If you can say ‘no”, your “yes’, has so much more value.

    Fear is completely dissolved in complete surrender to Perfect Love

    The love of His eyes pierced through the hearts of those who pierced His hands

    Wie leest jouw Open Horizons ??????


    Date: Sat, 1 Feb 2014 04:55:23 +0000 To:


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