This extraordinary, ordinary life

In a household of sensible jackets
and haircuts there was this,
well, what can I call her, nature thing.
With her elfin eyes, her purple
T – shirts and her eternally bare feet,
she was then, and still is to me,
about the most wonderful thing in the world.”

It was by the time the main character said this line, that I knew I was about to enjoy a good movie. 90 more movie minutes proved me right, ‘About Time‘ was better than I expected. The story is about a young man who finds out he can travel back in time. He uses this ability to change moments to help others, and, mostly, to capture the attention of the woman who captured his. But the movie is more than a surreal love story, the real message is about your perspective on life around you. And more specifically, how you see your extraordinary, ordinary life.

I’m in love with life. I have a passionate affection for beauty and I’m awe by the smallest miracles in the corners of my world. My eyes are looking for photographs, even if it will only be captured by the memories of my mind. Children inspire me, by the way they can be fully captivated by soap bubbles or an airplane in the sky. My mom always told me to grow up, but never loose the child in me. I took her advice on as one of my life goals; to keep seeing the world with childlike wonder.

But life is rarely a quiet creek that allows you to hop from stone to stone. Often it’s more like a fast flowing river that sweeps you away in its stream, spins you in circles and throws you off waterfalls. Somewhere in the craziness of internal and external intensity, I find it easy to lose the first feeling of excitement. Somewhere in the business of too many activities and responsibilities, I can forget that my first priority is to love life and its precious people. I spend more time watching my watch and see the time tick by than staring at the stars in the sky. I’m so concerned about tomorrow that I forget there never will be another today like today. I have to be reminded that there never is another moment but now.

Life is still going on in a crazy pace, but time is no longer in charge. I’m leading. I’m leading with open arms and eyes to heaven. Because if it was up to my heart, I would walk around with my eternally bare feet, loosened hair and a constant twinkle in my eye. I would jump from white to white on the zebra crossing and jump into puddles of rainwater. I would play my guitar on inconvenient moments and I would laugh louder than I’m supposed to. I would hug tighter, stop for more sunsets, find more elephants in the shape of the clouds and pause to talk to strangers more often. I’d see my responsibilities as opportunities and my activities as possibilities. Time is not the captain of the clock, it’s a treasure in the hands of a life-lover.
For in this extraordinary, ordinary life, there’s never another moment but now.

“I just try to live every day as if
I’ve deliberately come back to this one day
to enjoy it as if it was the full final day
of my extraordinary, ordinary life.

We’re all travelling through time together
every day of our lives.
All we can do is do our best
to relish this remarkable ride.”

(all quotes in italics are from the movie script of “About Time”) 

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  1. Peter Millenaar March 23, 2014 — 12:21 PM

    lieve eline jij zit in nicaraqua en ik lees je artikel about time about life echt weer een kunstwerkje…. mooi, lieverd


    Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2014 23:39:30 +0000 To:


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