Nicarama14 – the adventure of a life time [part 1]

8 flights above impressive landscapes, many boat rides on wild ocean waves and long rivers, Van-rides in the crazy traffic of Managua and spontaneous walks through the jungle. I’m back home after two weeks of traveling through Nicaragua, Latin America. We started in the capital city, but we spent the majority of the time on the island of RamaCay with day trips to remote villages at the other islands or on the main land. Besides our leader and our interpreter, our team consisted of 14 students of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. I fell in love with my team, these people are a couple of the most intentional lovers I know. I’ve seen so much of Gods heart in the team and in the local family of islanders we lived with. Every one of them is a hero from heaven.

This mission trip was different than any other trip, it was so rich and full of stories that I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it all. The days were filled with beautiful moments, wild adventures and unique experiences, each of them precious enough to be shared, told and shown. So I poured them all out on paper. My travel journal went with me every day, so the moments would receive their rightful place as memories. I decided to take a snapshot of every place I sat down to write. The result is a set of pictures and a full 40-page journal that’s ready to be used in a series of blog posts. Let me take you with me on the travels of a travel journal. Nicarama14 – the adventure of a lifetime.




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