Nicarama14 – Beautifully bare feet [part 7]

Travels of a travel journey - the place where I wrote this (airport Bluefields)
Travels of a travel journey – the place where I wrote this (airport Bluefields)


Barefoot in a bucket. The scars, bumps and thickened skin on their feet are telling the story of their life. I take them in my hands as tender as possible as and pour water over them. These are the feet of the family that took care of us with all they had. These are the feet of the people who taught me so much about the fatherheart of God. These are the feet that will keep walking on the ground of this island long after we leave. These are the feet of Gods heroes. I can’t think of a better way of saying goodbye to the family then washing their feet. I can’t shake the feeling that this is such a significant moment, almost like a perfect summary of my time on the Rama-islands. After days full of barefoot adventures, all is left is blessing the feet that have been here and who will remain here.

The team walks around the small room to pray for, bless, thank and prophecy over every family member. We were privileged to partner with the Holy Spirit in planting seeds of truth and love in the soil of the Rama-islands this trip. But this family of leaders are the ones who will see the seeds grow into strong trees of revival. It’s beautiful to see how hungry they are for the real good news of God. We were able to share this good news through personal Bible studies with them and many conversations about Kingdom principles. We were able to share our daily life with them as they shared theirs with us. We learned from each other and experienced the Presence of God together when we joined hands. God began to speak to them through dreams in the night and He moved their hearts to hunger for more of the Spirit. Our team can leave with a happy heart, because we will very likely come back to this beautiful island. Besides, we can use a part of our travel funds to create a possibility for one of the leaders of the tribe to go to Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Lifelong fruit has always come from investing in individuals.

Besides the amazing things God was able to do in the tribe-leaders, we saw how the children on the island also were impacted by the joy of the Lord. Tonight, I found myself sitting on the ground with 7 little girls around me. These are the moments I wish I was a ‘big momma’ so I could fit all of those kids on my lap. We’re staring in the flames of the bonfire that our team made to say goodbye to the community. I’m pondering about our time here on the island and about all the lessons God has taught me this trip. My thoughts are interrupted by a quiet voice of one of the girls: “God is happy, God is good, God loves me.” The surprised look on my face probably gives away that I almost can’t believe what I just heard. I stare at the little one and respond:“Yes! That’s right, sweetie!” She smiles and keeps repeating it. I choke back tears. From all the things we preached about, all I wanted the kids to remember was these three things. God is good, all the time without exception. God is happy, He’s not mad, but He’s smiling when He looks at them. And God loves them, unconditionally and endlessly. Here I am, under the sky-painted sky, listening to a few quiet voices of girls that declare truths that I pray they’ll build their life upon. It’s like a wink from heaven to me. I gave my drive for instant results to the  King and gave me this precious moment as a preview of the beauty He created from my surrendered desire. My heart is full.

I carefully dry the last pair of feet. My own feet are still dirty, bruised and uncovered. But it’s a part my promise to the King Who washed my feet and commanded me to do the same. I will not cover up my feet as I walk with Him to explore Kingdom territory and pave new paths. I will not protect myself with agendas, plans and structures that prevent my preconceived ideas about the world around me. I will let myself be affected, I will let my concepts be challenged and my perspective be changed. I will let my bare feet touch the ground and learn from it. I will be His barefoot preacher, vulnerable by putting my heart at risk while investing my love for a lifetime.

“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.”



This post is part 7 of a series of blog posts ‘Nicarama14′ about my mission trip to Nicaragua.
It’s also part of the ‘barefoot’-series, which will be accompanied by an iPhone snapshot of the place where I wrote it in my travel journal.  Read all of the other posts here.

(quote at the end is from Isaiah 52:7)

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  1. Peter Millenaar April 16, 2014 — 12:31 AM

    lieve Eline
    wat een bemoediging, dat het kleine meisje heeft opgepakt wat je ze hebt willen leren
    God is Good, GOd is Happy, God loves me..
    De tekst ” How beautiful are your feet, who brings the good news”. komt door jou helemaal tot leven !!


    Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2014 02:30:37 +0000


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