Why I don’t care what I’m doing next year

‘Deployment week’. The anxiety level rose, the question marks became wider and the cry for clarity and direction became louder. It was the time of the year where all the students look beyond graduation and start to explore the plans and possibilities for the future. After two years of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, many doors are open, from internships to jobs to ministry opportunities. The options were plenty, the choice yet to be made.

Just like the majority of my class, I still had no clue about my plans for next year. But I felt a perfect people that I never experienced before while making a ‘life decision’. A couple of weeks before ‘deployment week’, I had a very significant series of encounters with God that completely put me upside down (which you can read about here).
Looking in the face of the King made me realize that nothing else really matters. Even ‘important decisions’ looked very small compared to the majesty of my Heavenly Dad. It didn’t lose its value, but its significance was now only found in the Presence of the Living God.

I no longer live for my dreams. I don’t live for something. I live for Someone. I live for my King. And because of that, I don’t care what I’m doing next year. I care about how I do next year. I care about how I’ll treat the people around me. I care about how I’ll bring glory to the King with what I do. I care about how I’ll steward the gifts God has given me. I care about the Kingdom-values that will be displayed in my work. That’s far more important to me than the actual task or plan.

Because of these beliefs, I actually enjoyed my decision making process. I learned so much through it about who God is, who I am and how much freedom He gives me to do what I enjoy doing. The focus of my questions shifted from “What’s the will of God for my life?” to “What do I enjoy doing?”. Sounds a lot more fun, doesn’t it?  Telling stories, creating beauty, loving and leading people, stir up hearts and make messages with words and images; those are all things that make me come alive.

And that’s exactly what I’ll focus on next year. I have the privilege of interning for Bethel Media for my third year of BSSM. I’ll be mentored by Mister Genius, aka David Norona, who has “20 years of experience in creative content as a host, actor, writer, producer and director” and whose mission is “to create innovative content, which uses the power of story to connect the viewer on a heart-level with those in need, vital causes, and, most importantly, to God”. While working together with him for some projects during the last 2 years, he has inspired me so much by the way he lives, love and leads in a way it brings glory to the King. I’m so honored to learn from someone who is a great teacher, has a high level of excellence in his work and has a strong vision that I want to serve! I will learn different skills in producing, film, photography and coordination between different media compartments. These are all skills that I will need for my dream to use writing, photography and documentaries to tell the stories of Gods heroes, to share the testimonies of Gods light invading darkness and to prophecy into the destinies of nations.

What a beautiful outcome of a quest without pressure. I’m beyond excited about what I’m going to do next year. But still, my success next year will not be found in what I did, but in how I did it.

Doing what I enjoy brings glory to the King, because He is a Father who delights in the smiles of His children.
Work becomes worship when you do what you love.

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