“But what did you DO there?”

Questions. Lots of questions. That’s what I get when I tell people what I’m studying. I attend Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Yes, I know. That name makes you wonder. So they ask questions as I’m trying to explain why on earth I left everything to go overseas to attend such a weird school. I try to explain that it’s not Harry-Potter-gone-real, neither is it a school who straps me to my (church) chair and beats me with the Bible. It’s… different. It’s a school that teaches me about life and Life with a capital L. It’s a school that places me in a family and that teaches me to find out who I am and what I love to do.

But no matter what I say, I often still find a glazy look of confusion in the eyes of the person in front of me. Often the conversation ends with a repeat of their first question: “But what did you DO there?”. So instead of trying to explain everything or defend my school (ain’t nobody got time for that), I found out it’s much more effective to tell them what happened IN me the last two years. I tell them my story, I give them a little look inside of my heart.

I tell them about how I discovered who I am and how unconditional love taught me how to be fully Eline. I’ve experienced love in such a deep measure that I started loving myself and others like never before. I knew in theory that “God is Love”, but the true experimental knowledge of this truth will take me the rest of eternity to unfold. I’ve had a close friendship with God for most of my life and I personally encounter Him in very special ways, which is something that’s available for every believer. In these personal encounters, the loving eyes of Jesus became the mirror I saw my true identity reflected in. As His love pried my heart open, I was able to receive the love of the people around me and I was inspired to love everyone fearlessly. What a freedom I felt!

I tell them about how my dreams came alive. Dreams are only born in a heart that feels loved, valued and safe. Once my heart realized it was held in the strong arms of my Savior, it gave life to many, many dreams. Those dreams grew and grew, especially in the hope of a glorious future and the belief that nothing is impossible. Step by step, I received a specific, detailed vision for my life, like pieces of a puzzle. This picture of my future inspires me every day, because it gives direction for my decisions and a purpose and significance to my daily life.

I tell them about how I met some of the most incredible people on the planet and how I call them family now.
I always want to surround myself with fathers and mothers who are an example to me, with brothers and sisters who I can share my heart with and daughters and sons that I can invest in. Family is the home base from which I move, because strong relationships are the core of every success.

I tell them about how the foundation for my life was built. The building blocks for this foundation are values, truths and beliefs that I questioned, challenged and put into practice… and remained. These are the core values that I fully believe and build my life upon, they determine how I behave and respond. My life is no longer led by my circumstances, which allows peace to always be present.

I tell them about how I learned that I can’t put God in my pocket. This is the part of the conversation where I stumble over my words and can’t seem to express what I want to communicate. This is the part of my life that I can’t put in words. This is the part where I try to tell them that my God is indescribable, incomprehensible and uncompromisable. He is close as a Friend, but He still is the Creator of the Universe. I never want to reduce my God to my human mind. He is beyond my understanding, He is always bigger and always more. He’s the King I’m serving and the One I will always stay in awe with.

So what did I DO there? I listened to teachings, I took classes, I talked for hours about the beauty of God, I drank gallons of coffee with inspiring people, I cried and gave pain a place, I laughed and learned to not take myself so serious, I sang and worshiped God, I prayed and listened to Gods voice, I wrote and found a language for my thoughts, I took risks and did things I never thought I would, I was challenged and discovered new possibilities, I loved and came alive.

I loved and was loved
and came alive.

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