Roadtrip – SoCal coast line.

The ocean has always had my heart, but the week after graduation I’ve fallen in love with the shores all over again. The journey of our road trip took us along the beautiful Californian coast and showed us the best of our ‘golden state’. ‘Betty and the four Dutch divas’ turned out to be a dream team; Betty being our borrowed, black Chevie that we drove as ‘Dutch divas’, who are four roommates who became like sisters this school year. The Pacific Ocean was a constant factor during this diverse trip. We swam in its violent waves, drove beside it on the most beautiful highway in Cali, camped at it’s beaches, strolled along piers that reached far into its borders and admired how it swallowed the late sun in its color-reflecting water. Beside enjoying this beautiful ocean, we went into city centers and cute little towns, met many locals, created memories and funny stories by crazy adventures and dangerous situations, we saw each other at ours best and at our worst, experienced all the joys and hilarious downsides of camping (like swines and skunks next to your tent the middle of the night), were blessed with a very nice dinner and tried out cappuccinos in as many coffee shops we could find.
We visited Santa Cruz, Morro bay, Pismo beach and Santa Barbara in 6 days, before we drove back to Redding to repack our bags for our flight to Holland the day after.

Now my traveling feet have touched Dutch ground again, I would love to share with you some of the photographs I took while being on the road.
These are my first experiments with my new camera, a friend has blessed me tremendously by giving me a brand-new Canon 7D! I’m beyond excited to show the first results I got out of my dream camera.

©ElineMillenaar – please don’t use any of these picture before asking permission

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