Where heroes are born

Living in the Western world is a paradise of opportunties. For example, you went to a school that taught you how to read this and you have a job that pays the internet bills so you can open this blog. Ordinary to you, a luxury to many. Sure, we have our problems. But most of us can do whatever they want and become whatever they want – we have the knowledge and the time, a good educational system, peace in our nation, a properly working government and the financial resources.

But somehow our schools are filled with unmotivated students, who rather shoot at people on a screen than develop their talents. Our offices are filled with employees waiting for the weekend. Our churches are filled with believers who wait for flashes of lightning as a sign from heaven to tell them what to do. Our houses are filled with families who much rather blame everyone else than take their own responsibility. Our cities are filled with men and women hoping to win the jackpot one day. Our nations are filled with people waiting for life to happen to them. And all the chances, all the possibilities, all the available abundance are wasted on people who forgot why they even wake up in the morning.

I have come to the realization that a paradise of abundance is often not the place where heroes are born. Abundance is not always desirable. Yesterday, I heard myself pray these words for a nation in the Middle-East: “May they receive enough chances to see their vision completed, to see their nation restored. But let them receive exactly enough opporunities, not too few, and not too many, so they won’t get distracted by the abundance and lose track of the essence.”

That got me thinking about my own nation. Maybe the problem of the Western world is not the lack of something, but the abundance of everything. Maybe we have received so much, that we forgot the purpose of all the resources that are available to us. Maybe we don’t have to increase or decrease the amount of what we have, but refocus on the reason why we have it.

The heroes are often the ones who have one shot, one chance, one door that’s slightly open. The heroes are the ones who choose that their physical disability, their poverty, their difficult childhood or the pressure of society will not stop them. The heroes are the ones who refuse to give up – ever. The heroes are the ones who realize that they have the power, strength and courage within them to start the changes they’ve been craving for. The heroes are the ones that focus on what they CAN do and how to even use the things they CAN’T for the good purpose.

I know those heroes. I know we can be those heroes. You have a hero inside of you, but you might first want to kill that victim-mentality that’s choking your potential. It’s not going to be the abundance of resources, the perfect alignment of circumstances or external pressure that is going to make it all better. Superman is not coming to rescue you. It’s going to be the choices you make. It’s the day you wake up and decide to find a vision that’s worth living and worth dying for – and run after it with all you have and all you don’t have.

May you who have the opportunities, receive the vision
to give others who have a vision, the opportunity.


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