Trash (photo assignment)

“I live in the middle of freaking nowhere. What am I DOING here!?”

A cry of frustration, expressed while being in the middle of the lovely time of ‘transition’. Adjusting to a new environment is often difficult, even (or: especially) when that environment used to be familiar. Going back to spend the summer in my hometown after two years in California went less smooth than expected, but it brought me some beautiful insights and taught me valuable lessons. It’s been almost a month since I arrived at Amsterdam airport, and although I’m still looking forward to flying back “home” soon, I’m enjoying every moment of this summer in Holland!

But the problem still stands. I live in the middle of freaking nowhere. The most exciting thing to do in my hometown is… uhm… errr…. does the library count?
So my drive drove me crazy, I don’t like doing nothing for longer than one day. Okay, who am I kidding? That ‘one day’ in the last sentence, is more like ‘a couple of minutes’.

The answer to this frustration came in the form of a good idea of my spiritual dad; a photo-assignment. A picture a day for one week, this week with the theme ‘trash’.
“That’s it, good luck. Be creative. I want 7 good pictures sent to my Whatsapp by Monday.”
Yes sir.

Turned out I started my job that week, and I found out that being away from 6.30am till 6.30pm, is not the best schedule when you’re starting a creative project. So after a week, I had only taken five pictures, two of which I’m proud of. That might sound like a fail, but the purpose of the assignment was to open my eyes to my environment and get my creative flow going. Since that totally worked, I consider it completed.

Ah bon, c’est tout. Et voilà, ici mes photographes:

Photo One: “Vergane glorie”.

Who said only flourishing is beautiful?

Photo Two and Three:
This painting – a replica of “De arenleesters” by Millet – is hanging in the hallway, because it’s one of my mom’s favorites. I walked by as I was thinking about the photoassignment about trash. All of a sudden, an idea came to me. What if those women would be picking up trash!? I took the painting off the wall, put it on the floor, ripped a plastic bag to pieces, put the ‘trash’ on the painting and took a picture of the painting. No Photoshop involved.









Until the next challenge!



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