How great are the little ones

Let the critics throw their stones,
let the mighty build their thrones,
let the philosophers waste a thousand words,
let the strong sharpen their swords.

Let the intellectuals create strategies,
let the leaders run ahead,
let the rich throw their pearls around.

May the brave be rewarded,
may the wise inspire peace,
may the kings find their victory.

But beyond all of these,
I only want to wage war
along side this one group of soldiers.

They are the little ones,
the innocent and the honest.
They are the ones whose words cut your soul
and whose smiles can fully disarm you.

They are the carriers of the simplicity of the Kingdom
that always needs to be defended.
They are the truest heroes of a battle
and the richest gift to a nation,
for today and tomorrow.

Whatever the cause, whatever the purpose,
no matter the price, no matter the cost,
may I always find myself at the side of the children.


I wrote this when I finished reading the book ‘Heaven is for real’, because it showed me an important part of God’s heart. Jesus always wanted the children to come to Him, He set them as an example for us, He values them more than we realize. It’s time we start taking children more serious, and ourselves a little bit less. Their words are important, their voice needs to be heard and their life-style needs to be observed. They carry important revelations about the nature of God, the simplicity of life and the foundation of truth.

Whenever you’re interested in bringing revival to a nation,
I would highly suggest to include children in your strategy.

(The quote at the end is a paraphrase of something Seth Dahl said, the book I mentioned is written by Todd Burpo.)

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  1. Peter Millenaar July 18, 2014 — 8:04 PM

    wauw Eline !! YES helemaal waar super mooi stuk ( ik bedoel : wat je hebt geschreven 🙂 ) mam

    Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2014 17:41:59 +0000 To:


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