Amsterdam in photographs

Today, is an Eline-day! What’s an Eline-day, you ask? It’s a day where I cancel plans to take time to celebrate life by doing something that I thoroughly enjoy. I must admit that I’ve badly neglected these days, but this summer marks a fresh start. What is needed for an Eline-day, you ask? Oh, very simple. A camera, a journal and headphones are some of the essentials, often a train ticket, city guide and some money need to be included as well. Today’s adventure will take me to Amsterdam, where I will just stroll around, visit cute vintage shops, maybe buy a book or a scarf, sit in a park, search for a good cappuccino and observe people with my pen and camera. Fun sometimes needs to be the only purpose of a day.

Travel within Dutch borders – featuring Amsterdam. I don’t need to tell her story; the city’s history and character is plainly painted on every wall, hidden in every corner and floating through the canals.

Photographs taken with my Canon7d, 18-135 mm lens.

Fotor0718190747 Fotor0718191727\Fotor071819193

Fotor0718191953 Fotor0718192444 Fotor0718192559

Below are ‘stand-alones’. These are photographs that are not necessarily showing the city’s face, but are stories in itself, in just one shot.
Click on thumbnail to see in full size.


Copyright by Eline Millenaar

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