Falling in love with video

Two people. They meet and become friends. They fall in love and get engaged. They marry and share hearts, lives and names. Two people become one.

And somewhere on that journey, I come along with my camera.  I love doing ‘love shoots’ with couples, especially if it’s an engagement or (pre-)wedding shoot. Capturing the sparks and firework between two people who are head over heels in love with each other is really special… and – admitted- slightly awkward. But I love Love, and I admire her beauty.

So far, I’ve only used photography to capture this beauty, but I started experimenting with video. And I must admit that I, too, am falling in love. I’m falling in love with moving pictures, with the way they fully capture the atmosphere, with the way they are forgiving, with the way they give me full creative freedom.

In this love for video, an idea was born. I want to include a ‘video-package’ with my photography. I want to offer video, whether it’s for an engagement shoot, a wedding or another big event. Because what photography can’t do, can be done with video. A photograph of a bride that’s tearing up is endearing, but doesn’t everyone just want to HEAR the vows too?

Thus the experiment starts. My very first engagement video was shot with a camera that was not mine and without any audio equipment, but I consider it a great start. Now I have my own camera and a professional microphone is on its way, I can take this ‘video-thing’ serious.

I would like to introduce you to Brandon and Kaitlin, two people who also love Love. I had the privilege of doing their Engagement Photoshoot and I offered to do a video as an extra, a gift to them and an experiment for me. Enough said, let the moving images speak for themselves in the next three minutes:




(The song in the video is called ‘Aperture’ by Sleeping at Last.)



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