What happened to me?

“People don’t want to read about you, they want to read about themselves.” That’s blogging wisdom, right there. Nobody wants to read long reports about your daily life and about who you are. Unless you’re the Queen of England of course, although I doubt she spends her free hours sipping on Yorkshire tea while typing away on WordPress. Not only is my life not interesting enough to read about every day, I also prefer real life communication. I much rather sit down with you, have a cappuccino and catch up with you without a computer screen. But when you have your home  in two nations with an ocean in between, it sometimes asks for desperate manners, such as posting a blog update about your life.

This is for the ones who are praying for me, but ran out of specific prayer points.
This is for the ones who are surprising me with spontaneous donations, but have no clue where that money is going to.
This is for the ones that take time to write me an e-mail or Facebook message, but start to wonder whether I even read them.
This is for you, because I want you to know that your support and involvement in my life is very important to me.

Enough with the disclaimer. Please let me tell you about the last few months of my life. Let me build a bridge over this gap of doom, this gap of too many weeks of very little writing and even fewer blog posts.

Bethel Media Internship

As most of you know, I currently reside in Redding, California for my third year at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM).
My third year of BSSM mainly includes interning for the senior producer of Bethel Media. One thing that I found out pretty fast is that not one week in the production-world looks like the previous or the next. Everything is flexible, diverse, fluxuating and high-paced. It’s exactly the kind of environment that I work well in. I love having to manage different projects at the same time, because multi-tasking and diversity is what keeps me from getting bored.

I must admit that when I first started, I had an overwhelming sense of being under-qualified. “I have no idea what I’m doing. Just act cool, Eline, act cool,” was a thought that frequently popped in my head the first weeks. To be honest, I still feel that way sometimes. I’m being thrown into projects and responsibilities that I’ve never done before and have never been taught in. But I’ve been blessed by incredible mentors who believe in me, lend me their strength and cover me while giving me the freedom to figure it out and learn along the way. Again, this is exactly the kind of environment I learn well in.

If you told me before my internship started that  I’m leading one of the film-crews as the associate producer of a big documentary-production this Spring, I would have laughed at you and probably cancel my flight to Redding. Yet, it’s amazing how fast you grow in both skill and confidence when you feel loved, covered and believed in.

Documentaries and current projects

We are currently working on different productions and documentaries. We just finished months of post-production of the first season of a documentary-series called ‘What does love look like?’. This documentary was shot in Tijuana, Mexico in Spring 2014 and the episodes will hopefully roll out in the beginning of 2015.

Our second main project is the pre-production for the second season of this same docu-series. This will be shot in 5 different locations in the UK and Ireland. I will go to Northern England as one of the associate producers. We are going to tell the story of revival in England; yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Besides these two main production, there are many promos, Bible-series and testimony videos that gives us a lot of hours ‘on set’ learning from the professional crew. And lastly, I’m working on a personal project; a short documentary about how family is the birthing place for revival and the environment it’s sustained by.

The teaser for the Tijuana-documentary, the promotional video for the UK&Ireland-documentary and an explanation about my Family-documentary is being created as we speak, so come back soon to find out more about these projects!

Mentoring Students

Besides my internship, I’m volunteering for a ‘revival group pastor’ in first year of BSSM. This means that I’m mentoring 4 girls this year on their journey of encountering God, discovering their identity and learning to live in a community. There are also weekly meetings with this ‘Revival Groups’ of 60 1st years students. It’s so much fun  to release the blessings God has given me during the last few years to these ‘new’ students. I wish I could have more time to spend with them, because it’s a true honor to come alongside such passionate revivalists!

Living with my Redding-family

But maybe it is not outside, but inside of my home that I spend the most significant part of my year. I live with my spiritual family that consists of a Dutch dad (also an intern for BSSM), his American wife (who is basically Superwoman-the-doctor-and-mom-edition) and their 5 kids (who are all the most incredible kids you will ever meet, including the 5th who is still brewing in the belly).  They’ve ‘adopted’ me as their (spiritual) daughter last year, and they generously invited me into their family, their life and their home. I’m learning so much from their life, advice and example. It’s one thing to have regular coffee dates with friends to build connection, it’s a whole other thing to actually do life together with people that you share your bad and your best with.

The joys and challenges of family

Living in a family of 4 kids, 2 very busy parents and a LOT of other ‘extended family-members’ is quite a challenge at times. We had 15-20 people living in the house for the first few weeks, all students who were still looking for an apartment. No, you don’t need a castle for to host that many people. Just fill all of your couches, cover the floor with mattresses and put a bunk bed in your living room and that will do.

I’ve slept very little during those weeks and we had many conversations to work through frustrations, but I’ve learned so much about hospitality, maintaining peace, communication and being family. Family is always worth it. Now things have settled down more, I’ve gained  friends that I can call family and many valuable lessons that I will use for the rest of my life.

A full life

And in between this all, you can find me in coffee shops with friends, at church or classes, in my room reading books or spending time with Jesus, on campus serving in (prophetic) ministry teams, in the office sending a quatrillion e-mails, in living rooms leading and attending home groups or behind my camera working on personal projects. And of course I’m taking some days off to do fun things, go out of town or undertake adventures. Although… that whole ‘learning how to take time to rest’-thing that God is trying to teach me… Yes, I’m still working on that one. 🙂

Actually, if you want to read more about rest and slowing down, come back soon for a blog-series I’m currently writing called ‘Times and Spaces’.

So here it is, now you know a little bit more about my life in Redding. Every donation I receive at the moment goes to my missions/media-trip to Northern England and I especially need prayer for breakthrough in the sleeping problems I experience and for moments of rest.

Thank you so much for wanting to be involved in my life, it means the world to me! All your prayers, donations, encouragements and support is much needed and much appreciated! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Much love,


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  1. I love you so deeply!
    Reading this makes me smile. You’re doing so well! I love love love seeing you live and pursue your dreams! So much greatness ahead of you!
    Oh and I like you and want to squeeze the bjesus out of you!!!
    X you know who


  2. mooi, origineel en duidelijk geschreven , eline

    dank je wel !


    Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2014 01:48:55 +0000 To: fam.millenaar@live.nl


  3. I just love you and the family you do life with!!!


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