Long time no see!

Remember that one time I had a blog? Yeah, me neither. It’s been awhile. Let’s catch up quickly, so we can get started again.

Internship at Bethel Media
I had an incredible third year at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, interning for Bethel Media. I learned to produce documentaries and short videos with a Kingdom-message and learned a lot about leadership along the way. With this team, I went to England in March to film a documentary called “What does love look like?”. I saw God work mightily through normal people and was able to capture it on film. It’s in post-production now, so hopefully you can watch it soon.

God calls and provides
At the end of my school year, I still hadn’t decided on what to do next. I had plenty of ideas and opportunities, but God clearly told me to “wait and trust Him”. I waited and missed deadlines for universities and travel plans, but God wasn’t in a hurry to talk about my future. It wasn’t until a week before I graduated that He spoke out of the blue: “Stay until I call you to go.” God asked me to stay in Redding, California for another season. My response was very practical. “No problem, Jesus, but my student-visa expires in 30 days. I’ll stay here, if you provide a new visa.” One week later I heard that I had won the Diversity Lottery. I was randomly selected to apply for a green card. Apparently Jesus was serious about this USA-thing. So since May 2015, I’ve been in the process of paperwork, visa applications and long waiting times. My trust in God and His promises were tested by many bumps in the road, but that’s the adventurous life with Him.

A summer of doing nothing
So what have I been doing besides learning the ins and outs of immigration law? Well, for the first three months I’ve done absolutely nothing. That’s right, Eline did nothing. I enjoyed my summer break, survived the 110+ degrees weather of Redding and only did what I felt like doing. It was glorious. In this time of rest, I learned to love myself better, experienced what living in family truly is and received a deep sense of belonging. I realized I had crushed the little girl inside of me under the weight of potential, goals and desire for growth. Once she got reawakened, creativity and joy followed too. A pretty good summer indeed.

September through December
In September, I started as a volunteer in a Revival Group in BSSM1. I also did this last year, and I had fallen in LOVE with pastoring because of it. There’s nothing more beautiful than being a part of someones journey into freedom and seeing Love break through walls right in front of your eyes! I also have the honor of investing in my nation by co-leading the home group for Dutch BSSM-students. And the rest of my time fills up as usual: meeting with people, learning new things, working on creative projects and being a part of a family.

Back in the Netherlands
In December, I flew back to the Netherlands. My visa process needed to be processed through the Consulate of Amsterdam, and I really felt God was guiding me to be in the Netherlands for a few months. I feel a passion for this nation like I’ve never felt before. God is doing beautiful things here and I can see His perfect timing in everything! Someone said that “those with the most hope, have the most influence”. This quote is echoing through my days in the Netherlands now. I am daily experiencing the difference simple hope and encouragement can make, and it’s so much fun!

In January, I went to Israel with my dad for a week. It was an unforgettable trip full of moments that will turn into memories and stories that I can’t wait to tell. My next few blog posts will be filled with pictures and stories from my travel journal.

Visa Update
Last week, I received the e-mail I’ve been waiting for since May. My visa number became available and I’m scheduled for an interview in March. Amazing progress! If all goes well, I’ll be back in the States in April – this time as a permanent resident. I’m so excited to see what God has in store for me there! Please pray for the final preparations in my paperwork, a smooth interview, an approved green card and the ability to fully enjoy my last months in Holland.

Well, that’s about as brief as I can make it. Phew, one year in 800 words. And that for a writer who tends to be long-winded.

I hope you’ll be back soon to read about my Israel-adventures. Click here for the first post!  Thank you for who you are!

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  1. Wow Eline, that is clear and short!


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