I7: Tel Aviv

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I love last days of trips. The pressure is off, the must-sees are have-seens, plans and schedules are done and the main attractions are ‘checked off’. All that’s left is just to relax, enjoy and soak up the last bit of vacation that’s left before heading home. It has the intentionality that finds joy in everything just like first days, yet without all the effort of trying to find your way in the new and unknown.

We spent our last day in the beautiful city of Tel Aviv, Hebrew for Hill of Spring.
It had been quite an adventure to get here. I was assigned the task of navigating, which wasn’t as easy as it sounds. Armed with some printed directions and three apps that each had their faults without internet, I tried to keep us on track as papa tried to get us through the crazy traffic and the pouring rain of this city. In all the chaos, we missed one exit and got stuck on a one-way street for 15 minutes. Needless to say, we rejoiced when we finally saw the name of the street where our rental company said they were.  78, 83, 88… Wait, where’s the rest of the street? We need number 113! We asked someone and showed them the (Hebrew) address. He laughed “No, no! Street: right! City: not right. Tel Aviv: there, there. 15 minutes.” Great. Turns out Tel Aviv consists of many suburbs that happen to have the same street names. How convenient.

When we walked along the beautiful beach an hour later, we had already forgotten about the stress. This city had such a relaxed vibe, it’s contageous. We drank coffee in the sun and ate Israeli pastries for breakfast. We watched surfers conquer waves and clouds rolls over the impressive skyline. I found rocks, sea glass and pieces of old tiles on the beach that are perfect for mosaics. We ate my favorite food in a great restaurant, had a glass of wine in a bar and talked like only father and daughters can do. I enjoyed everything about it. I loved the beautiful shades of blue, the designs and art throughout the whole city, the beautiful promenade, the friendly hosts of our Airbnb, the hipsters and the artsy people, the historic treasures in Old Jaffa and even our out-of-breath run to catch our train to the airport.

A beautiful end to a truly unforgettable trip.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset
Skyline under blue skies. Shot with iPhone5, ©ElineMillenaar

– This post is part of the DDIsrael16-series, with travel stories and pictures of my daddy-daughter trip to Israel. You can find all other posts here, you can find some other pictures on Instagram.
Tomorrow I will finish this series with a list of recommendations and some more photographs. –


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  1. I enjoyed the hole trip, your storytelling about it, but most of all I enjoyed in you enjoying everything. You enjoy living, and thats a gift from our Father. And that gives me so much gladness and happyness. Be blessed my lovely daughter.


  2. Great post and it sounds like you had a great time with your dad! It’s funny that you’ve got this picture with the pink flowers, I took exactly the same shot, but most importantly I was renting the house just underneath during my last stay in Tel-Aviv! That brings back lots of great memories that I’ll have to write about soon before I forget the details. Isn’t Neve Tzedek a great area of the city?!


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