Israel in Photographs

Broaden your horizon,
explore the mysteries,
dive into the unknown.

To travel is to expand oneself,
to let the colors of unfamiliar cultures
give new shades of vibrant life.

There’s a world out there, full of beauty waiting to be captured.
My pen and my camera always go along on my journeys, because I love sharing my adventures with you. You can read all the travel stories about Israel here:
The pictures that didn’t find a home in those posts are now listed below. Unfortunately, I brought the wrong lens for my Canon, so most of the pictures are taken with my iPhone.

I hope you’ll enjoy the colors of this unique nation, just like I have!

Machane Yehuda Market – Shot with Canon7d, ©ElineMillenaar


View from Massada – Shot with Canon7d, ©ElineMillenaar
Spiky salt beach at the Dead Sea 


Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

All photos are under the copyright of Eline Millenaar; please don’t use without permission.

Want to see more photos? Click here.


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  1. Maybe it’s because the beautiful Israel, or because I just found out about the existence of this blog. But my heart is beating so fast seeing this. Eline, you are a great, great inspiration for me. You’ve always been. I try not to feel jealous, but inspired instead of your talented soul and the way you develope(d) yourself. I think I’ve known you since you were the age I am at this point and I just want to say that you and actually all members of your family, your parents and your brother, you guys have been people I want(ed) to be around because looking at you, all I saw was a family which just had to be soaked in Love to be that loving towards eachother and towards me. Maybe you weren’t aware of it then, but I just want to tell you: I wanted to be like you, because than I would be like Jesus. Now, a few years later, I realize I can be me to look like Jesus. I don’t think that I would be where I am now if I hadn’t seen someone a little older than me having such a great passion for Jesus and I am so thankful that in my early teens I’ve gotten the chance to meet you – an example of a young woman whose eyes reflect Jesus’ – and that to this day Jesus still shows himself to me through you. Although there’s an ocean and a thousand miles between us, God uses you for his plan here too. Thank you, Eline. Love will forever be upon us.

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