Deep roots & strong wings

Deep roots and strong wings

 Our life story is divided in many different chapters. I love starting a new year, new season or new chapter, because I thoroughly believe it only gets better. When the page turned at the dawn of the new year, I wrote about my hopes and beliefs for 2016. I wrote about a year of strong wings & deep roots.

This last week I’ve been receiving a lot of good news, especially regarding plans for the future. A new chapter of my life is starting soon, and my dreams and desires are slowly taking on a specific shape inside of it. All of this reminded me of my declaration for 2016. I believe this is a blessing for your future pages and chapters as well.

Let my 2016 be a year to build things that last.
To build a home.
To build a community of people who do life together.
To build an environment that is an accurate expression of who I am.
To build up a rhythm of consistency and familiar faces that I can land on after every wild adventure.
To build a bridge between here and there to facilitate cross-pollination.
To build a structure that cultivates stability and balance in my inner life.

To build a big Ampersand [&].
I believe in abundance, so I no longer want to think in “one or the other” but a “yes to this and that too.”
Yes to kindness & authority, strength & vulnerability, peace & passion, purpose-driven & identity in sonship.
Yes to the butterflies & the roaring lions.
Yes to quality & quantity, here & there, work & rest, fun & achievement.
Yes to one-on-One intimacy & finding Him in family.
Yes to exploring & belonging, adventure & security, travel & home, deep roots & strong wings.

I refuse to limit myself to choosing between two opposites that continually exclude each other.
I believe there’s a way the one can include the other and not just co-exist, but actually enrich each other.

This is what I bless my year with – and yours too.
2016: the year of [&].
2016: the year to build.
2016: the year of strong wings and deep roots.

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