Meet the new Blog

Are you ready for the new Open Horizons? Drrrrumroll please!
A new design, a new format and a bunch of new series and posts ready to be published!

The tagline of Open Horizons is a mandate that can be written in all caps – EXPLORE! Explore the world around you by traveling far or close-by, explore the world inside of you by actively pursuing what a thriving life looks like for you, and explore the stories of the people next to you. It’s a grand adventure!

The blog is now divided into three main categories: Explore: their stories, Explore: travel and Explore: Thriving Life.

Explore: Their Stories

In this section of Open Horizons, we are getting to know people from different parts of the planet, age groups, life styles and world views. There’s a story in every person you meet, and each story will expand your understand and broaden your horizon.

Over the course of the next few months, I’ll be interviewing some very inspirational people, as well as invite guest bloggers to write about their journey.

Explore: Travel

There’s a world out there, full of beautiful people in foreign cultures. With pen and camera, I will give you a sneak peek into my most recent adventures. I hope this is fuel for your wanderlust and tickles your itchy feet, because adventure is always worth it.

You can find the countries I’ve written travel reports about in the dropdown menu above. Currently, there are stories about Nicaragua, the Netherlands and Israel in there. I’ll be traveling to the Netherlands and Iceland in November/December, so be ready for tons of pictures of rain [NLD] and snow [ISL]. 😉

One of the series I’m really excited about is called Weekend Trips. After people asking me on Instagram about my local adventures, I was inspired to start writing about how you can get those ‘vacation vibes’ and collect your own adventure stories, even in the middle of a busy work schedule. Starting next week, every other Thursday evening I’ll share a Weekend Trip post, where I share recommendations and inspiration for weekend-, or day-trips in Northern California.

Explore: Thriving Life

This is the part that you are familiar with. The majority of my previous posts would fall into this category, where I share about my life, thoughts and processes. Besides those personal posts, I’m starting or continuing a few series as well. Exploring the world inside of you: the process of growing, the inspiration that leads to creativity, the foundations of truth and the journey of getting to know yourself and loving every bit of you. You are called to THRIVE; you coming fully alive!


Coming soon: I am a Millennial – Articles about this generation, with both statistics to personal experiences.

Coming soon: Adored Soul –  Learn to love yourself, body soul and spirit

Creative Process – All things inspiration, DIY and craftsmanship

Heaven Invades – The spiritual journey of a fading line between Heaven and Earth

Intentional Living – The pursuit of enjoying life and finding beauty in ordinary moments.

Prose and Poetry – Fictional stories and short poems

Process and Accomplishments – How an over-achiever had to learn that growth takes time

Join the Adventure

I would love to hear from you if you have a story, a testimony, a question or a comment. If you want to be a guest blogger or have a great travel post you’d like me to feature, please let me know! You can contact me here.

Join me on this adventure of discovery. Let’s explore the world inside of you, the stories of the person next to you and the ever-intriguing world around you. There’s an Open Horizon, a fading line between heaven and earth.

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