Join the Adventure with Open Horizons

There is no line on the horizon.
Only an open invitation to explore both worlds,
discover the depths of heaven and earth. 

We are the wild ones,  bound by nothing, but committed to community. We are the brave, daring to go beyond comfort zones and familiarities. We are the adventurers, lead by curiosity and carrying a lasting spark of wonder in our eyes. We are moved by the beauty of the unknown, diving into cultures different than our own.

We are not blind to the dark corners, but refuse to see it without a silver lining of hope. Our perspective is eternally stained by the firm belief that we carry keys to a solution. We are not trapped in individualism, but extend a hand and expand our understanding through a listening ear. We look for a face behind the facts,  listen to the story before forming an opinion, and seek to humanize it beyond black and white.

We are more than what meets the eye. Not afraid of questions, process and silence, we discover what’s inside. We are creatives, trusting our colors need an expression. We are thinkers, taking concepts and principles to personal foundations. We are feelers, encouraging heart-felt connection and honest emotions.

We are exploring open horizons.
We explore the world inside of us,
the stories of the one next to us,
and the world breathtakingly before us.

Join the adventure.
We are Open Horizons.

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  1. Wauw!!!!


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