The Great Icelandic Roadtrip

They told me to expect glaciers, snow-tipped mountains, lush green fields, wild rivers and quiet lakes. They told me about characteristic towns and geothermal pools. They showed me pictures of arctic sunrises in the morning and Northern Lights at night. They made bold statements about it being the most photogenic nation on the planet. Needless to say, my expectation were very high when I finally followed their advice and landed myself in Iceland.

What they didn’t prepare me for was the immense nothingness. Miles and miles of wilderness without a living soul. The deafening silence when going anywhere that’s not marked as a touristic attraction.
The quiet the whole nation wraps itself in during the winter months. The raw and untamed nature that demands to be respected. This was unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed.
It’s like Mother Nature decides to share a piece of her bare soul with you. She’s wild, free and a strong force that cannot be messed with. But also vulnerable, sensitive and absolutely helpless against man’s abuse.

They told me about raw nature, breathtaking beauty and unforgettable moments when going to Iceland. All expectations were met, even after one day. But what nobody prepared me for was the immense nothingness. Miles and miles of outstretched fields with no living soul or imprint of humanity anywhere. It's humbling, somewhat distressing and (mostly) quieting. • • • • • • • • • • • • #vsco #vscocam #passionpassport #welltraveled #travelgram #mytinyatlas #searchwandercollect #travel #wanderlust #travelstoke #traveldestination #thegreatoutdoors #outdoors #wildernessculture #theoutbound #adventurevisuals #adventure #stayandwander #exploremore #LF10K #liveofadventure #livefolktakeover #portraitfolk #iceland #dutchdivasiniceland #icelandadventure #middleofnowhere #reddotinallthisgreen

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In merely four days, we drove the Southern coastline and back, and finished it off with a quick tour of the Golden Circle and the Blue Lagoon. There’s still so much more this nation has to offer, but I’m already in awe by the glimpse we’ve seen during our road trip. It didn’t just match our expectations, it went above and beyond. It’s a nation of outstretched wilderness with hidden gems of indescribable beauty.

People ask me about my highlights, and I honestly can’t choose. Watching the Northern Lights dance in the starlit skies above us while sitting in a hot tub in the middle of nowhere, or skipping like little girls after seeing the massive icebergs floating in a lake next to Diamond Beach. Soaking in the mineral waters of the famous Blue Lagoon or watching the Glacier Bay in utter silence. This Icelandic road trip was one for the books.

In the next few days, I’ll write about my favorite moments and our adventures. Of course all of this will be accompanied by a selection of the 1700 photos I took and some silly, little videos. I will post an overview of our itinerary and some recommendations to jumpstart to your own travel plans.
Because trust me, you will want to add this nation to your travel bucket list.

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