Iceland in Photographs

After weeks of posting about this epic adventure, I think it’s time to put Iceland to bed. I have a few other exciting road trips which stories and photographs are waiting to be shared;  the Weekend Trips-series to inspire you to explore Northern California.

What better way to end this Iceland Trip series than with a few photographs I finally retrieved off the memory cards of my Canon?


During the whole trip, Marlien and I were amazed by how we seemed to be at the right place at the right time. It went effortlessly flawless, and we found ourselves in moments where everything just aligned perfectly, like little kisses from heaven. One of those moments was this beautiful sunrise that we stumbled upon one morning. We were on our way to get coffee when we saw some pink mountain tops peek out above the grocery store’s roof. We forgot about our caffeine deprivation and walked a little further until we reached the bay. The view was breathtaking, beyond what my camera could capture. Pinks, orange and blues of the cool water; the nation woke up with one of her famous arctic sunrises.


Iceland wraps itself in quiet. With so much majestic wilderness and raw force of nature around you, you adapt humbly to the small yet significant part of creation you’re designed to be. It’s an awestruck wonder that instills silence.



You know how you can forget how much you love something? That’s what I think every time I pick up my camera. My real camera, not my iPhone, and not for anything work-related. To capture beauty is still magic to me.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Having one of your best friends be your travel companion means laughter. It’s sitting on a full cup of hot tea that you left on your car seat and not even noticing it because you’re wearing so many thick layers. It’s leaving a box of eggs on top of your roof and driving away with it- twice (when we remembered and saw that it was still on the car roof, we laughed so hard that we forgot to take it off). It’s almost peeing your pants when embarrassing moments happen (the wilderness isn’t always glamorous) and it’s the sarcastic jokes to make not-so-ideal situations hilarious.

It’s also deep conversations about hearts and processes and journeys and changes. It’s the kind of vulnerability that doesn’t just share an internal observation about an insecurity, but also asks “what do you think of me in that area?”.

And it is being able to sit next to each other for two hours and not say a word, because we’re both deep in thought or simply enjoying the landscape, and we don’t feel the need to fill up the silence.

That is what traveling with a friend looks like. Find yourself one like Marlien and adventure until you have enough stories to entertain your grandkids for hours.

“I spend my life
chasing stories to tell
when I’m old.”

– Atticus

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset




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  1. Het voelt alsof ik een heel mooi boek heb uitgelezen . Iceland stories . Mooi slot !
    En ik zie er naar uit om IJsland te bezoeken ! Thanks for writing !! It was such a pleasure to read it !! Love you


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