You are worth my time

You are worth my time.

You are worth putting my book down for,
or silencing my phone for.
You are worth the uninterrupted conversation,
the undivided attention,
the eye-contact that encourages you to keep sharing.

You are worth every ‘how was your day’
and all listening ears to await you at home.
You are worth laughs about every silly joke;
I’ll do anything to see your smile.
You are worth shoulders to lean on and arms to run to;
every problem is so much smaller when you are embraced.
You are worth every detailed account of ordinary events;
if it’s important to you,
it’s important to me too.

I don’t even know
to whom this may concern,
but may it ring true in your ears tonight.

My dear,
in case you haven’t felt this in a while,
please allow me to remind you now.

You’re worth every bit of space you take up in this world.

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