I was born and raised in the Netherlands, but I moved to Redding, California in 2012 to attend a ministry school. I miraculously won a green card in 2015, and I’m now a proud permanent resident of the United States. Since then, I’ve been exploring the West Coast and gone on many outdoor adventures throughout North California.

It’s my job to tell stories.  I work in the Story Department as the Events&Documentary Producer at Bethel Media. We create videos for the church and ministries, local non-profits and events for Bethel.tv. I have the privilege of interviewing heroes from all over the world, to serve leaders who are changing the world and be a part of a vision I whole-heartedly stand behind. Click here to see some of my work.

I dream about traveling around the world with a small crew to capture the testimonies of missionaries, to feature non-profits that fight for social justice and to highlight the beautiful diversity of unfamiliar cultures. I am passionate about nations and communicating a message. That means that besides media, I have a bottomless curiosity about human rights, social justice, anthropology, life coaching and prophetic ministry.

I’ve personally experienced how genuine and unconditional Love can bring you from fear to freedom. Insecurity and fear were my close companions for far too many years, and they paralyzed me to a point I could not enjoy life or love myself. I want to share my own journey into freedom, because if it’s possible for me, it is most certainly available for you too.

My free time is spent with friends and family, working on creative projects or going on adventures. I go through different phases of creative outlets, from the pen on paper, the cut and stitch into leather or the attempt to a new craft like calligraphy or woodwork.

I’m currently reading God is Good by Bill Johnson and The Septembers of Shiraz by Dalia Sofer, I’m watching Suits and the song September Song is on repeat on my Spotify. My creative project of this week is restarting this blog and writing new posts. My last travel activity was a fun weekend at the NorCal coast in Eureka.

Join me on this adventure of discovery. Let’s explore the world inside of you, the stories of the person next to you and the ever-intriguing world around you. There’s an Open Horizon, a fading line between heaven and earth.

All pictures and words on this blog are created by me, unless otherwise stated.
Please ask for permission first before using or copying any content. Thank you. –

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