Below you can see some of my earlier work (2-5 years ago), but I’m not actively pursuing photography at the moment. However, if you’re in the Netherlands and you are looking for a photographer or videographer for an event, wedding or portrait shoot; just send me a message so we can chat!

If you’re interested in my dreams in the area of media, in my vision for photography or this transition in between websites, please read this post.

Selection of photographs taken during summer 2014

Selection of photographs taken between June 2013-May 2014:

All the pictures below were taken with my old, barely working camera.
From now on I’ll shoot with a new Canon 7D. Click on thumbnail for full display of the photograph.

Portfolio of ElineFotografie : 2009 – June 2013.

More information? Make an appointment? Have a question? Contact me!
If you use the contact form below, I’ll email you back as soon as possible. You can write me in Dutch or English.

©ElineMillenaar – please don’t use any of these photographs without asking permission.

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