Explore: Travel

“We must take adventures
to find out where we truly belong.”

Explore the world around you and broaden your horizon. With pen and camera, I will invite you to my most recent adventures. Let this be fuel for your wanderlust and may it tickles your itchy feet, because adventure is always worth it.


Travel Often – For the love of wanderlust (coming soon)

US Cities – Exploring the country I’ve adopted as my own by visiting her big cities. Currently: Portland
Coming up on the blog: Sacramento, San Fransisco, LA.
Traveling in 2017: Seattle, LA, New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Denver.

Weekend Trips – Adventure made easy! Recommendations and inspiration for weekend trips in and around North California.

Iceland – Get ready for icebergs, Northern Lights and road trip adventures along the coast. (2016)

Israel – A father-daughter trip to the Holy Land (2016)

Nicarama – An unforgettable missions trip to the Rama-islands, Nicaragua (2015)

Netherlands – Travel recommendations for those who want to visit Holland, and posts about my process of permanently leaving the country I was born in.


I’ve visited 8.8% of the countries on the planet.
Last country I visited: Iceland (November 2016) + Portland Roadtrip (December 2016).
Next trip: Writers Retreat in the NorCal Mountains (Jan 2017)  + LA (March 2017).

#30before30 – currently 18 nations, 2 states of the US.
My goal is to visit thirty nations/states before I turn thirty. A new country or state is added to the list whenever I’ve slept there at least one night (a layover at an airport or only driving through it doesn’t count).

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